Use the MaP to Find a Toilet

Choosing a toilet can make anyone feel lost. With the variety of flush volumes, bowl shapes and seat types, it seems like you've been left at an unknown location without Waze to guide your way. Fortunately, there is a useful GPS tool... the MaP Test (i.e. Maximum Performance Test), a rigorous, independent test of the flushing power and efficiency of thousands of toilet models.


Map Ratings

MaP scores represent two things:

    1. Performance: the number of grams of organic waste (MaP uses soybean paste and toilet paper) a toilet can remove completely in a single flush, and
    2. Efficiency: the amount of water a toilet uses per flush (gallons per flush, or GpF).


Toilet Performance

The amount of waste generated by a large human at one time is typically no more than 250 grams. MaP certifies flush performance by testing up to 1,000 grams per flush, with most toilets rated at or above 600 grams. This is significantly higher than the average demand for a toilet and should offer peace of mind.


Toilet Efficiency

Environmentally friendly toilets must have flush ratings of 1.28 GpF or less. MaP certifies efficiency by testing toilets that operate with as little as 0.8 GpF and rates models according to how effectively they perform in flushing waste even at lower water levels.
There are thousands of toilets to choose from. Consult the MaP before taking the plunge.

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