1.6 Designer Series Elongated, Two-Piece, Comfortable Height (ADA), 12" Toilet Combination, Right-Hand Flush with Fluidmaster™ 400A Ballcock

SKU: MLS019-008 LYRA

  • Grade A Vitreous China
  • ADA Compliant, 18" Height
  • 2" Fully Glazed Trapway
  • Siphon Jet Action Flushing
  • Low Water Consumption of 1.6 GpF
  • Tank Equipped with Fluidmaster™ 400A Ballcock
  • 12" Rough-In
  • Color Matched Tank Lever
  • Available in White only
  • Mainline Toilet Seat Sold Separately

  • MLS019-008
    Bowl: MLS10008
    Tank: MLS10019

    Icons: Low Consumption, ISA (ADA compliant), 1000 MaP, IAPMO UPC, ANSI